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We are very pleased to offer the following unsolicited testimonials from some of the patients who we have had the pleasure of dealing with.


From TL

TL is a long term sufferer of severe disabling lower back pain.

Dear Dr. Ali

We will be seeing you on Monday but I wanted to send a card before then. My back is so much better now without the original lower back pain and I am so grateful to you for your care in carrying out the procedure. I look forward to speaking to you on Monday.

Best wishes

T. L.

From ED

ED was suffering from intense neuropathic pain.

Dear Dr. Ali

Thank you very much for seeing me on the 14th of September. I have followed your advice and increased the amount of Amitriptyline at night to 50 mg with same degree of success. I will make an appointment to see you again in October.

Yours sincerely

E. D

From HR

HR was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome as a result of diving decompression injury. She was given a lumbar sympathetic block, with an excellent response.

Dear Dr. Ali

Thank you so much for the sympathetic nerve block that you gave to me!! It has greatly improved my quality of life and renewed my hope to eradicate CRPS from my left leg quickly!

Thank you again.

Warm regards


From HB

HB had a work related injury to her lower back. She had facet joints injections followed by radiofrequency denervation of her lumbar facet joints.

Dear Dr. Ali

I want to say thank you for your help and support over the months with my has really made a difference to the quality of my life and I am very grateful for that.

Warmest Regards


From TL

TL has suffered from long term lower back pain. She had facet joints injections and denervation at London Pain Clinic.

Dear Dr. Ali

I have to write and thank you for an unbelievable change in how I have felt since my treatment on the Monday the 19th. My continuous lower back pain has gone and I cannot thank you and your team enough for your care and attention.

Yours Sincerely

T L /p